The purpose of this project was to create a unique and comfortable space for a teen boy. A rustic industrial theme allowed us to integrate fun creativity with custom fixtures and unusual materials.

The unfished basement provided an excellent backdrop for the industrial theme with its exposed ceilings and ductwork. Simplicity with a dash of color brought life to the space.

The custom made wooden American flag serves as a suitable background to the spacious desk. The desk, also a custom piece, has enough cubbies for sports trophies, sentimental items and tin boxes.

Various materials were used throughout the room like this wainscoting which was a combination of worn wood and corrugated metal. The prints are 3-D illusions of piping which creates a seamless display of eye-catching artwork. 

The bathroom emerged as a fun and unique space with a corrugated metal shower enclosure and custom vanity with an aluminum washtub. We completed the space by using galvanized pipes to hold the custom sewn shower curtain and small hand towels.

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