Decorating is our passion at Simply Unique Finds. Whether your style is
contemporary, traditional, trendy or eclectic, we can create a beautiful space for you that is simple, yet stunning.
Every project is unique and should reflect your style and comfort.

We help you by desiging an alluring space that merges with the things you love.



From beginning to completion, we listen to your dreams for your project.
We use creativity and experience to discover your style and create an inviting setting that is exclusively yours.


We enjoy partnering with our clients to design captivating spaces.

We consider each interior design project a relationship that marries your thoughts and dreams with our creative ideas and expertise.

We will work together to create something beautiful.

"Decorating to me is like creating a painting on a blank canvas. The wall color, the flooring, the furniture and fixtures all come together to create a masterful work of art." - Beth Murty, Owner/Decorator